The international community was both vocally and financially supportive of the transition from the race-based policies of the Apartheid era to a democratically elected government. This support, along with the widespread desire for reconciliation and collaboration amongst the citizens in SA, allowed the transition to occur peacefully in 1994. The resulting new SA constitution was hailed as a political miracle, which struck a balance between correcting the wrongs of Apartheid and protecting the significant minority populations in SA. During the initial years of Mr. Mandela’s presidency, all ethnic groups united to work together to realise the dream of a prosperous SA. 

But today, more than 24 years later, that dream has been shattered by widespread corruption, incompetence at all levels of government, out of control violent crime and a return to race-based policies and legislation. Most concerning is that almost all the failures of the SA government are increasingly being blamed on the white minority, who constitute only 8.4% of the total population and has had virtually no political, fiscal or military power for more than two decades.

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Legal right to Independence


The right to self-determination is guaranteed by Section 235 of the South African Constitution, as well as 

Article 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Article 20 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights. The ULA has also conducted a full feasibility study that considered all 

practical aspects pertinent to independence.

Below please find a downloadable copy of the feasibility study.

Region of Independence


The borders of the region(s) that will obtain independence will be determined by a democratic process, where a region will become independent if the majority of its residents has chosen independence. The various regions that have chosen independence will become states that form part of a new independent federation or confederation.

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Independent Cape - Feasibility Summary Rev 11 (pdf)


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