Widespread racial discrimination is also being experienced by the brown minority, who constitute 8.9% of the total population. Racially-based laws, disguised as initiatives to implement Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, completely ignore regional demographics. These laws effectively exclude both brown and white people from education opportunities, doing business with the government, working for the government, or even owning and working for larger companies. In some cases, brown people have been retrenched in large numbers, for example in the case of Western Cape prison wardens, to make way for Bantu* (black African) persons from other parts of SA and even other African countries. This is fundamentally unfair, since these minorities are the descendants of the original First Nations in the entire south-western Cape Region of SA and are still the overwhelming majority in this area (please refer to Figure 2, noting that the brown minority primarily speaks Afrikaans). 

[* Please note: although the term “Bantu” has some negative connotations due to its usage during Apartheid, it is the academically correct and internationally accepted term for the large group of people who originated in the Niger-Congo area and migrated southwards through Africa. The Bantu peoples now inhabit most of sub-Saharan Africa and all speak related languages. Please refer to:

These Black Economic Empowerment laws only favour the Bantu majority. But rather than redistributing wealth to poor South Africans, they have forced companies to give up ownership to a group of government-connected elites. This includes the current President, who quickly amassed a fortune during the early 2000’s when these laws were passed.   

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Race Based and Collective punishment regulations and legislation by the current SA Government


Compiled by Marieke Roos, currently employed by the EU in Belgium , previously lecturer in law studies (LLB and Diploma in Law), University of Johannesburg, LLD in International law, University of Johannesburg, LLM in International law (cum laude) 2013, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, LLB in International  law (cum laude) 2011, The Hague University, Den Haag, previously served at the Constitutional court of South Africa, under Honourable Justice RMM Zondo.

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Cause for concern? - Eben Barlow

A very valid question posted by famed mercenary and writer, Eeben Barlow  on his Facebook page. (Reposted with permission)

This is the only country most of us—black, white and every colour in-between—have. If we don’t work at making it a success, we are digging our own premature graves. 

Given what appears to be the increasingly fragile political trajectory people are calling for, it is increasingly difficult to remain optimistic and positive about this great country’s future. Government plans and policies aimed at promoting progress are countered, stifled, and denigrated by ruling and opposition party members alike. Calls for anarchy are becoming the order of the day as lesser political parties are given major media play. The silent majority in our country are muzzled as their words seemingly carry no weight. The voiceless remain without a voice. Yet the silent majority and voiceless are the prime victims of the unfolding chaos. 

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Notice of Motion No. 1956  Passed  in the NSW Legislative Council

  1. That this House notes Articles 2 and 3 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, and
  2. That this House strongly condemns:

  • any and all calls for the killing, marginalisation, persecution, victimisation and targeting of any racial group in the Republic of South Africa by any of its officials, past or present, and
  • any law that unjustly expropriates land from any individual without fair, just and equitable compensation.

Media release available as download below.

Documents available for download

  1. Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities 
  2. Risk analysis of the forthcoming political and social instability in South Africa and the imminent threat to minorities
  3. Media Release: Notice of Motion concerning Racist Violence in South Africa passes NSW Legislative Council

Minority Rights (pdf)


South Africa Risk Analysis Rev 6 (pdf)


media release - 2018 08 16 - (pdf)


Parliamentary committee on Expropriation

When did exercising your constitutional right make you a racist supremacist? We reached a point of no return. The only way forward is independence.

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