Advantages of Alliance

  1. Securing a future of property, peace and freedom.
  2. Ensuring a breakaway from the socialist ANC government.
  3. Freedom of culture, language and religion.
  4. Readily available International Legal Team fighting on your behalf at no cost to you.
  5. Human Rights protection from ANC international law violations by the International Legal Team.
  6. You become part of the only international legal and accepted secession process.
  7. First participants and loyal alliance members will obviously be looked after first in the new country.
  8. ULA will support and promote your group activities in line with sovereign self-determination causes.
  9. No members of your group need to leave your group/party/church or initiative, we only require a yes mandate.
  10. ULA’s ‘Hartland’ Project gives renewed hope to a distressed Minority People, meaning, the sheer longing and desire of reviving is born through this strategic project leaving its adherents with a new hope.
  11. As a valued Alliance member, you will be invited to a VIP Alliance Leaders' Group on Telegram to assist with giving advice, recommendations and make decisions as to achieve the Two Million Mandates and the democratic process for the Interim Government for Secession. ​


The ULA are in agreement with its alliances only in sovereign self-determination. We do not necessarily agree with the norms of each alliance.

Role of the Alliance Organisations

    Since the ULA itself has no memberships or branch structures, all ground-level activities are executed by the alliance organisations. These include:

  • Ensuring that as many persons as possible register their vote for independence on the ULA independence register;
  • Recruiting further members for their respective organisations, thereby strengthening their effectiveness as well as the mandate for independence;
  • Ensuring the safety, security and self-sufficiency of their communities, while acting within national and international law;
  • Providing evidence to the ULA of crimes against minorities and illegal land grabs, thereby strengthening the international case for independence and assistance;
  • Educating their members about the feasibility and benefits of independence and the process to be followed;
  • Appointing members to the Congress of Representatives;

All organisations are to collaborate to the maximum extent possible, to the benefit of all.

Alliance Type 1 (General Support)

Purely in support for sovereign independence in the coming 'Hartland' with no desires to get involved in any governmental structures of positions, it is a mere loyalty to the cause whilst we focus on what we as entity are best doing – an ULA certificate is issued to acknowledge your support and commitment to the cause.

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Supporting sovereign self-determination is not treason. Self-determination is legal according to the South African Constitution as well as International law. The ULA therefore follows a 100% internationally recognized legal process and the South African government will be forced to comply.

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